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All you need is a 3D printer! Our team will reach out to you soon after you fill out this form. If you have years of experience, we will just send the logistical information and STLs letting you do as you please. And if you just unboxed your first 3D printer, our team will walk you through every step. The hardest part may very well be filling out the simple form below.

Printing and Shipping

All prints should be in PLA. Darker colors, such as black and dark blue, are preferred.


1773 Russet Woods Ln, Hoover, AL 35244

  • How will the devices be used?
    Every brace is shipped to field and brick and mortar hospitals in Ukraine. These braces will be used by both Ukrainian civilians and injured soldiers.
  • What colors and materials should be used?
    All prints should be in PLA. Darker colors are preferred, but printing in any color still has a significant impact in Ukraine.
  • Why sign up with your email?
    As Ukraine’s needs change, so will our prints. Providing your email ensures that you continue to produce prints that will serve Ukraine. After signing up, you will receive an email with all the information you need.
  • Can I ship directly to Ukraine?
    Shipping to Ukraine is more expensive for you but cheaper overall. If you wish to ship directly to Ukraine, email
  • How to start printing?
    Download the print files off this page and start printing. When you are ready to ship, follow the instructions above. Reach out to with any questions.
  • How do devices get to Ukraine?
    We ship devices in large quantities after we individually check them for quality. They are shipped to partners in Ukraine who distribute them among hospitals.
  • How to optimize your printing?
    You need to understand what factors will limit your production: time, shipping, plastic, etc. If time is a limiting factor, make sure to fill the build plate entirely. If shipping is a limiting factor, stockpile all your prints to make one big shipment. If plastic is a limiting factor, print what you can, every brace matters.
  • Should you warp the braces?
    No, please do not ship any warped braces. Warping the braces prematurely causes wear and increases shipping costs. The braces are warped on the ground in Ukraine.
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